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Join the best professional IPB forums today with features like community shoutbox and much more!


Experience gameplay in full detail like never before with customizable Fullscreen and Resizable mode!

Online 24/7

With 99.9% Server Uptime, we will never let you down. Play with no worries of downtime 24/7.

Flawless Pking

OS Insanity's bounty system and switching is sure to keep any Pker happy. Try it out today!

Customizable OSRS Gameplay

With over 20+ Customizable Features.. Your OSRS experience will be no less than perfection!

Dedicated Development

With over 150+ hours of development, OS Insanity development is consistent and is updated frequently to players desires!

Amazing PvM & Skilling

Rooftop agility, Zulrah, Skotizo, Zezima and Rouges Den are just a few reasons why our PvM/Skilling is truly insanity!

Drop Table In-Game

Never not know a drop with OS Insanity's in-game drop checker! Accessible anywhere in-game!

OS Insanity Media

Unique Content

OS Insanity offers a wide range of unique content including 4+ Custom Bosses, Dwarf Multi Cannon and various unique mini games!

Frequently Ask Questions

Refer below to a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about OS Insanity for quick help or contact Shane on forums or in-game.

What is OS Insanity?

OS Insanity is a free to play Runescape Private Server that serves for educational purposes while giving players the best emulated OSRS experience! Find out more information by visiting our forums and getting to know the community and the game!

I have technical problem, who do I contact?

If you have any kind of technical issue with the game or website, whether that is Highscores, Vote, Webstore or your account, please contact any staff member in-game or through forums immediately so we can resolve your issue as soon as possible!

How can I help support OS Insanity?

You can help OS Insanity thrive by consistently voting on all links on our vote page every 12 hours! You also get a nice reward for each auth claimed or you can sell them to other players! OS Insanity also offers a online webstore where players can purchase donator status and/or donator points! All votes and donations are much appreciated, but by no means required. Thank you to all who help support OS Insanity and make it into the great server it is today!

What are the requirements to play?

To play OS Insanity the player must have installed the latest Java. By clicking here you can check and verify that you have the latest java installed so there will be no problems when running OS Insanity's game client.

What kind of game modes does OS Insanity offer?

OS Insanity has over 4 game modes to choose from including all 3 Iron Man Modes! Game modes include: Regular, Hard, Iron Man, Ultimate Iron Man and Hardcore Iron Man!

Is OS Insanity free?

Yes! OS Insanity is a completely free to play game where all players from all over the world can play and enjoy! Click here to start your adventure today!

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